The Freakiness of Youtube – Youtuber Profile of Siu Mei

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In response to the question of how she predicts social media will change in the future, Youtuber Siu Mei answered “frankly, Youtube is a freak”. Being a platform where she can freely share her experiences mostly in beauty and lifestyle, Youtube has surely witnessed and undergone the influence social media has had on society.

Siu Mei started her Youtube channel back in 2013, during her freshman year in university. Unlike her floormates who brought suitcases filled with necessities and clothes, Siu Mei pulled to her dorm a beauty product filled suitcase. As we all do in uni dorms, floormates ‘jam’ (use one another’s things, usually with consent) her skincare and makeup products, as they often ask her for advice and recommendations. Later, her floormates suggested her to start a Youtube channel, so that she wouldn’t have to answer similar questions repeatedly.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 12.45.33 am

Filmed with her friend’s camera because she did not…

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