Social Media and its Trends

Socially Trending

Just last month, harrowing clips of violent crimes have been surfacing through social media’s live streaming updates, highlighting the uglier side of social media that enables society. Consistently under scrutiny, Social Media has been criticized for its effects on society and the public’s usage of such platforms, how much does today’s society really use social media and how have these platforms changed to suit today’s trends in society?

With Facebook being the trailblazer amongst the social media industry, having over 1,968 million active users since the end of April, 2017, the platform has ballooned since its humble beginning back in 2004. While Youtube and Instagram ensuite having 1,000 and 600 million active users respectively. Social media has enjoyed a high penetration rate into the internet user market, with users steadily increasing over the past 7 years.

Social Media Users 2010 – 2017

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 3.40.51 pm

Usage of Social Platforms

  • Facebook reigns the Social platform industry with…

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