11 Times Hong Kong Fooled Us Into Believing It Is Somewhere Else

This was originally posted on Shroffed on May 10, 2017. Science Park, Shatin If you cycle from Tai Wai to Tai Po and pass by the Science Park, do not miss out on this stunning, almost Europe-looking, view of the Pat Sin Leng mountain range! Shek O, Eastern District Shek O is not only about … Continue reading 11 Times Hong Kong Fooled Us Into Believing It Is Somewhere Else


The Freakiness of Youtube – Youtuber Profile of Siu Mei

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In response to the question of how she predicts social media will change in the future, Youtuber Siu Mei answered “frankly, Youtube is a freak”. Being a platform where she can freely share her experiences mostly in beauty and lifestyle, Youtube has surely witnessed and undergone the influence social media has had on society.

Siu Mei started her Youtube channel back in 2013, during her freshman year in university. Unlike her floormates who brought suitcases filled with necessities and clothes, Siu Mei pulled to her dorm a beauty product filled suitcase. As we all do in uni dorms, floormates ‘jam’ (use one another’s things, usually with consent) her skincare and makeup products, as they often ask her for advice and recommendations. Later, her floormates suggested her to start a Youtube channel, so that she wouldn’t have to answer similar questions repeatedly.

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Filmed with her friend’s camera because she did not…

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#Trending on Instagram – Catch up with Gladys Lo-Reynolds

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Increasing follower count and likes are things that Gladys is familiar with, having just had her baby, she has become the epitome of a #fitmom. In between her hectic schedule juggling being a mom and a final-year student, I was able to ask her some questions about how she felt about social media.

What platform do you use the most? and how long do you spend on it?
Instagram and um… maybe around 2+ hours a day??

Do you think your content has changed over the time you’ve been on ig?
Yeah, I post more family stuff because of the change in status.

Do you think that your audience’s preference comes into play when posting content?
Definitely, I tend to post photos that I’ll get more likes on, but I keep my aesthetic and posts authentic to what I like.

Recently, marketing on these platforms have become a trend, what are you thought abouts about…

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Social Media and its Trends

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Just last month, harrowing clips of violent crimes have been surfacing through social media’s live streaming updates, highlighting the uglier side of social media that enables society. Consistently under scrutiny, Social Media has been criticized for its effects on society and the public’s usage of such platforms, how much does today’s society really use social media and how have these platforms changed to suit today’s trends in society?

With Facebook being the trailblazer amongst the social media industry, having over 1,968 million active users since the end of April, 2017, the platform has ballooned since its humble beginning back in 2004. While Youtube and Instagram ensuite having 1,000 and 600 million active users respectively. Social media has enjoyed a high penetration rate into the internet user market, with users steadily increasing over the past 7 years.

Social Media Users 2010 – 2017

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Usage of Social Platforms

  • Facebook reigns the Social platform industry with…

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“Art Without Message” – Artist Profile of Chow Chun Fai

Originally posted on Shroffed on April 5, 2017. When asked about what he would say to students who wish to join the art industry in Hong Kong, artist Chow Chun Fai responded almost without thinking, “Don’t come”. It might seem like a light-hearted joke to cause some laughter, but behind it all there is certainly … Continue reading “Art Without Message” – Artist Profile of Chow Chun Fai

Commercialization of Art vs. Appreciation of Art

Held at the Central Harbourfront from March 21-25, Art Central 2017 has brought around an artistic current throughout the Hong Kong Art Week. Showcasing paintings, digital artworks, sculptures, and installations of a diverse range of medium, the exhibition has attracted visitors from all around. https://www.facebook.com/shroffedmedia/posts/266871003765000 With #artcentralhk being hashtagged over 9,200 times on Instagram, the … Continue reading Commercialization of Art vs. Appreciation of Art